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Property Investors

When done right, investing your money in property can provide amazing returns. But the key is doing it right!

There are many things to take into account when looking at buying an investment property.

● Where is the best place to buy for a property investment?
● How do I know which suburbs have the strongest capital growth?
● Which is better – an inner city apartment, established house in the suburbs or buying off a plan?

All these questions, and more, can be so overwhelming. The team at Amanda On My Side is here to support you through this process so you can secure your investment property. Amanda is passionate about helping you find your next investment property. Whether you are a first time investor, experienced investor or want to renovate and flip properties, Amanda On My Side will aide you every step of the way.

Property is a great way to invest your money.

The team at Amanda On My Side have their fingers on the pulse of the Sydney real estate market. With their skills and knowledge of the Sydney area and real estate, they can help you answer the above questions and more! Amanda On My Side are property investment specialists. They can help you realise your dream to buy an investment property by designing an investment strategy tailored to you, your wishes and your budget.

Amanda will take the hassle out of property investment for you. Have a read of all the positive testimonies on her website if you are not convinced yet!

Find the Right Property Today

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Take the guesswork out of investment with a buyers agent.

Whilst property is a great way to invest your money, it can be an overwhelming, stressful and time-consuming undertaking. Amanda On My Side is here to help you on this journey so you can enjoy watching the returns of your investment.

How does Amanda help?

● She will chat to you to form an extensive brief about what you are looking for in an investment property.
● She will tailor an investment strategy for you.
● Amanda will conduct extensive research to find a property in a location that is perfect for you and your investment.
● She will put in an offer and negotiate on your behalf. With her expert skills and decades of experience, Amanda will nab a price that is right for you.

Don’t spend hours of your valuable time researching and looking at properties. Take the stress and hassle out of it by hiring Amanda. Amanda takes away the guesswork and will come to you with a short list of investment properties that tick all your boxes. All you have to do is pick your favorite ones, schedule a time to view them and let Amanda know which one you want. Amanda will then negotiate settlement and price on your behalf. See…simple!

Are you ready to find the right property to invest your valuable money into?
Give Amanda On My Side a call today and get the ball rolling. You will not regret it.

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