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Home Buyers

Buying a home can be a long, stressful process.

You have to research the area you wish to buy, search through the listings, attend many open inspections, negotiate and place an offer, or bid at an auction and hope your offer is accepted or the whole process starts over again.

Amanda On My Side can take care of this whole process for you, from researching to the final offer and moving in. Amanda is a friendly, professional buyers agent who will make the stressful experience of buying a home enjoyable and relaxing. She will take the stress off you and take care of all the hard stuff for you!

Why you need a Buyers Agent.

Are you overwhelmed and not sure where to start to buy your own home?
Are you sick of spending all your time looking at listings and houses?
Cannot find the perfect home you are looking for?
Have you missed out at auction and are becoming disheartened? Are you feeling frustrated and ready to throw in the towel?

Don’t give up yet! Amanda On My Side is here to help. Amanda On My Side is the perfect choice for those looking at buying their first home, looking to upgrade or move somewhere else, those who are time poor and those people who just simply don’t want the hassle of going through the process of finding a new home to buy.

Amanda On My Side will help you every step of the way in purchasing your new dream home. From researching and inspections, to negotiating and moving in, Amanda On My Side is passionate about helping you realise your dream of becoming a home-owner in as stress-free and timely manner as possible.

Find the Right Property Today

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A Buyers Agent works exclusively for YOU (not the seller).

Amanda On My Side, is literally on your side! As a buyer’s agent she is there for YOU, not the seller. This means that you are Amandas’ number one priority every step of the way. What you want and need is the sole focus, and when it comes down to negotiating the price of the house it is all about YOU and your budget.

This means that Amanda On My Side is working for you and your best interests, not the seller or real estate agent. Amanda aims to find you your perfect dream home at the right price, with no pressure or influence from other agents or the seller.

Amanda On My Side will help:
● Take a thorough brief. This will include your list of MUST HAVES, and NICE TO HAVES, location in relation to work, school and other facilities, what kind of house you wish to live in and the lifestyle you want. This buyers brief forms the basis for Amandas’ housing search.
● Conduct a housing search. This is where Amanda On My Side really shine! Amanda On My Side will hunt for the perfect house for you, attend countless inspections and find the home that suits your brief. You don’t need to spend all your spare time hunting through listings and attending open house inspections, Amanda and her team do it for you!
● Review the search results. Amanda On My Side will present you with the list of homes they found that tick your boxes and organise an inspection for you to see those houses you shortlist.
● Negotiate an offer. This is where all the hard work pays off! Amanda On My Side conducts a full appraisal and works out the best strategy for buying your dream home, whether that is via auction, private or real estate agent.

If you are ready to purchase your dream home, contact Amanda On My Side to help. They will be there with you from the very beginning to when you move into your new property. Amanda On My Sides aim is to make the whole process easy, relaxing and enjoyable. All you need to do is put your feet up and reap the benefits of the many years of experience with the Sydney real estate market.

Amanda On My Side will find the perfect home for you!

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