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Live in luscious Wahroonga

Wahroonga is a charming, lush green suburb in the North Shore region of Sydney. With picture-book homes, neighbourly streets, fantastic schools and plentiful green spaces Wahroonga attracts families and retirees.

Wahroonga embodies elegant living and prestige, even boasting a-list celebrities amongst the residents. If you wish to purchase a home in the affluent and peaceful Wahroonga, Amanda On My Side is the ideal person to help you achieve your real estate goals.

A Property Buyers Agent you can rely on

Amanda On My Side are a team of licensed professional buyers agents in Wahroonga and the wider Sydney area. They know Wahroonga intimately, so when you hire Amanda On My Side you benefit from their knowledge and experience in the area. Amanda and her team will find and appraise properties on your behalf, and even negotiate or bid for you.


Amanda On My Side putS you ahead of the property buying queue

Amanda and her team spend the time and effort getting to know the local experts in Wahroonga. Amanda On My Side uses these professional relationships to bring the best support, advice and service to you. These local experts and services include:

  • Real estate agents
  • Property managers.
  • Solicitors
  • Financial Advisors
  • Mortgage brokers
  • Builders
  • Building and pest inspectors


Quaint, peaceful and affluent Wahroonga

Wahroonga boasts beautiful estate homes nestled amongst manicured gardens and a quaint village-like charm. The stunning natural wonders of Lane Cove National Park and Ku-Ring-Gai Chase surround Wahroonga, creating a tranquil and peaceful atmosphere.

Wahroonga Village lies at the heart of this stunning suburb. The village is a vibrant mix of boutique shopping, gourmet food stores and delicious eateries. You will find the friendly locals conversing, shopping and enjoying the stylish and quaint village.

Wahroonga has great style and elegance, whilst celebrating the finer things in life! Contact Amanda On My Side today and find out how they can help you create a life in this stylish suburb.

Find the Right Property Today

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Family friendly Wahroonga, with great schools and amazing parks

Wahroonga is surrounded by amazing and prestigious schools, such as Knox Grammar, Abbotsleigh School for Girls or the Wahroonga Public School. Families are drawn to Wahroonga for the schools, and stay for the beautiful parks, multi-use green space, The Glade, and the delightful shopping and eateries of The Village.

The Glade is host to annual festivals and events throughout the year, including the super popular Wahroonga Food and Wine Festival, Wahroonga Village Fair and the Twilight Concert in the Park. The community of Wahroonga is friendly, inclusive and supportive. They are not just neighbours, they are friends who have got each other’s backs. Families are drawn to this community of like-minded people, the prestigious schools, and the stunning national park backdrop of Wahroonga.

Wahroonga is an Aboriginal word that translates to “our home,” something the locals really love to live up to. If you want to out down roots and buy a home in this prestigious, warm and friendly stunning suburb, Amanda and her team are the ideal team to help you achieve that.

Amanda On My Side are the property buyers agent you need in Wahroonga

With their decades of experience in the Sydney real estate market, Amanda On My Side will help you buy a home or investment property in Wahroonga. Amanda and her team will work with you to form a comprehensive brief of the home and lifestyle you want in this affluent suburb, before conducting a thorough search for your dream home or investment property.

Amanda On My Side offer several different buying packages to suit your needs and wants:

  • A Complete Home Buyers Package.
  • An Evaluation and Negotiation Package.
  • An Auction Bid Package.

Amanda On My Sides packages and services are designed with you, the buyer, in mind. They are here to make your experience of buying a home or investment property an enjoyable one!

Having Amanda On My Side will make the whole process of finding and buying property seamless. Our wide range of services and local experts will give you a huge advantage over the other buyers in Wahroonga. Amanda On My Side gives you access to areas only someone with the inside knowledge and experience has. We will put you at the head of the property queue!

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