The complete home buyer’s package

Amanda On My Side can take care of the entire purchase process, leading you through an experience that you will actually enjoy.

The brief

We take a comprehensive buyers brief from you. This is where you tell us exactly what you want, what your priorities are and what your budget is. We discuss everything from what kind of house you want to live in, to how close you want to be to your work, to schools, and what lifestyle priorities you have. From this we create your Buyer’s Brief which guides our research.

The Search

Searching for the right property is a time consuming and tedious process that can stretch out over weeks and months, open-house after open-house – and all the while you wonder if you are somehow missing the ‘real’ houses (hint, you probably are). Amanda On My Side can inspect dozens of properties and present the ones that suit your brief, and maybe even the ones that you may not have expected. We have spent time in one area only to find our buyer’s home in completely different suburb!

The Review

We present you with a short-list of homes that fit your initial brief. From this list you can select as many or as few likely contenders as you please

The Inspection

We like you to inspect the home/s yourself so you can get a real feeling for the property. For overseas buyers we can do the inspection for you – we can even dial you in via Skype so you can do a walk-around with us.

The Negotiation

Once you’ve selected the home you would like to purchase, we then roll up our sleeves and get serious about securing the property for you. We do a full appraisal to put us in the best position to buy your next home for the lowest possible price, and with the terms to suit. If the property is already on the open market we will have a strategy on how to either buy prior to auction, to set our budget for auction day or the best strategy on how to negotiate afterwards. Our philosophy is a “win win” experience for all parties, and our aim is that you become a client for life.

After exchange

We will follow you through to settlement, arranging necessary inspections, getting quotes for tenants, answering questions and gathering information you may need. We offer a full service from beginning to end, creating an amazing experience that you cannot wait to share with friends and family.

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