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The complete home buyer’s package

The complete home buyers package

Finding and buying your own home or investment property can be a long, complicated and intimidating process. Amanda On My Side can take care of the entire process, from house hunting right through to the day you move in. Amanda and her team can make the experience one that you will actually enjoy and want to remember!


What is included in the Complete Home Buyers Package

Our Complete Home Buyers Package offers everything!

We can recommend suburbs based on a brief you provide of where you want to live. From there we start house hunting, create a list of houses that suits your criteria and brief, conduct inspections, negotiate and tie up any loose ends so that your move is as smooth and efficient as possible.

Our Complete Home Buyers Package includes:

  • A comprehensive buyers brief.
  • House hunting
  • Reviewing properties that you are interested in
  • Negotiating the best price on your behalf.
  • Attend auctions for you.
  • Tying up any loose ends or helping you sort tenants if you purchased an investment property.

When you engage Amanda On My Side we will take the time to understand your needs and what you want in a home or investment property.

The Brief

When you engage the services of Amanda On My Side and the Complete Home Buyers Package, the first step we take is to conduct a comprehensive buyers brief.

This brief is where you tell us exactly what you want, what sort of lifestyle you wish to live, what your priorities in a house and suburb are and what your budget is. We discuss:

  • What kind of house do you want to live in, such as a large family home, apartment, unit or townhouse?
  • How close you want or need to live from work and schools.
  • What lifestyle priorities you have.

Once we know all these details, we create a comprehensive Buyers Brief. This document guides our research and helps us gain the best understanding of where to look for your next home or investment property.


The Search

House huntings is time consuming and tedious. It can take months or even years with open house after open house. All the while you are wondering if you are looking in the right places or if you have missed out on your dream home.

Amanda On My Side has spent years cultivating working relationships with real estate agents and other local experts. This means that Amanda and her team have a vast list of properties, some that have not even been listed yet, at their disposal. Amanda On My Side can inspect dozens of properties and present the ones most suited to your brief, saving you time and  effort.


The Review

We provide you with a short-list of homes and properties that fit your comprehensive buyers brief. Once you have looked over the list, you can select which ones you are interested in and we will do the rest!


The Inspection

We can do the initial inspection, to ensure the property is as listed. However, we do like you to inspect the home yourself so you can get a real feel for the property. We can arrange inspection times for you, that suits your schedule.

For overseas buyers, we can do the inspections for you. We can even use Skype when we are walking through the property so you can view it with us.


The Negotiation

Now the hard work begins!

Once you have chosen your perfect home or investment property we get serious about securing it for you. Amanda On My Side will conduct a full appraisal of the home or investment property you have selected. This appraisal puts us in the best position to buy your chosen home for the best possible price.

We brainstorm strategies on how to buy at auctions, or negotiate the best price and terms on the open market. Amanda and her team work for you, the buyer, so you are our number one priority.

After exchange

We offer a full service from beginning to end. This means that even when the papers are signed we will follow you through all the way to settlement. We can arrange necessary inspections, organise quotes for tenants, answer questions or gather any other information you may need.

Amanda On My Side is dedicated to creating an amazing experience with buying property that you cannot wait to share with friends and family. We are here for you every step of the way.

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