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Evaluation & negotiation package

The Evaluation and Negotiation Package

Buying or investing in property is usually the most expensive purchase you will ever make. Unless, like buyers agents, this is something you do everyday, the evaluation and negotiation stage of buying a home can be intimidating. Why not hire the best buyers agents in Sydney to ensure the rest of your property buying experience is smooth and enjoyable. Amanda On My Side has a solid reputation as trustworthy, reliable and friendly buyers agents. They go above and beyond to ensure client satisfaction, and are experts at evaluating property prices and negotiating the best deal for clients.

If you have already created a short list of properties you are interested in, but are not confident you can negotiate terms and a price that is fair, Amanda On My Side can help. We offer an Evaluation and Negotiation Package to help you secure the sale, at a price that is right for you. Hiring an expert to negotiate on your behalf is a sure fire way of buying a property at a reasonable price, without the stress and complication of doing it yourself.


The Evaluation.

Once you have done the hard yards and found the ideal investment property or home you wish to purchase, contact Amanda On My Side. Using our decades of market experience and knowledge of the area we can evaluate the property for you. This will let you know the real value of the property and provides a benchmark for the negotiation phase.


The Negotiation.

Once we know the value of your ideal home or investment home, we will come up with a strategy to buy or bid on the property. We are skilled at the art of negotiation and bidding, ensuring you have the best chance of success. With Amanda On My Sides help you will have the keys to your new home, at the best price for you.

Having a skilled buyers agent, like Amanda and her team, can save you thousands, as well as the frustration of missing out on your dream home or investment property at private sales or auctions. Amanda and her team know the best timing for bids and understand the tricks of the trade. We know how to present the best possible deal in the best way to put you at the front of the other buyers. Amanda On My Side is working for you, and has your best interests at heart.


Secure your ideal home or investment property at the right price

Amanda On My Side knows that they can secure your investment property or dream home at the right price. Our Evaluation and Negotiation Package is designed for those people who enjoy the search, but want to bring the experts in to appraise the true market value of the property and negotiate a fair price.

When you hire Amanda On My Side you can be confident that your property purchase will be smooth sailing. You can buy with confidence and at the right price! Negotiating a property sale is an art, and requires considerable skill and knowledge. You can trust the experts at Amanda On My Side to appraise and negotiate your investment property or dream home at a price that suits your budget.


Why choose a buyer’s agent to evaluate and negotiate on your behalf?

Amanda On My Side has spent years cultivating relationships with selling agents and are skilled in negotiating and bidding at auctions. Amanda and her team:

  • Understand the techniques and strategies of negotiating.
  • Are confident in their ability to bid at auctions.
  • Use their working relationships with realtors to gather information that helps you in the purchasing process.
  • Will take the stress out of the final stages of buying your home or investment property.

Amanda On My Side works for you, and only you. Your best interests and needs are always put first to ensure you come out on top in the negotiations. If you have found your perfect property, and need help with the final steps then give Amanda On My Side a call. You will not regret employing the extra help when purchasing your property.

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