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Warriewood: a family friendly outdoor playground

Warriewood is all about enjoying the natural surroundings and family living. This stunning Northern Beach suburb may be on the smaller side, but it packs a lot into it! With incredible views of the rugged coastline, two beautiful beaches, rock pools, a blowhole, sprawling playing fields and quiet residential streets, Warriewood is attracting families by the droves. Amanda On My Side is one of Sydney’s best property buyers agents in the Warriewood area. With over 15-years’ experience in the real estate industry, Amanda and her team know they can find you a home that will suit your budget and lifestyle in Warriewood.

A team of licensed professional property buyers just waiting to help!

Amanda On My Side and her team of licensed professional property buyers are ready to help you find your dream home in Warriewood. If you are unsure of the complicated and intimidating process to buy a home, or simply lack the time and energy, Amanda and her team can help simplify and expedite the process. They will work with you to compile a comprehensive property brief to find out what you are looking for in a home or investment property. This guides their search for your dream home or investment opportunity. They offer a range of services to make the experience an enjoyable and stress free one:
  • The Complete Home Buyers Package
  • The Evaluation and Negotiation Package
  • The Auction Bid Package.
Call Amanda On My Side today and get started on your property buying adventure.

Get to know Warriewood

Warriewood is just like a giant outdoor playground, from its rugged coastline to the calm wetlands and sprawling playing fields. With quiet residential backstreets it is easy to see why families are attracted to the area and snapping up the properties. Warriewood Square has two supermarkets and a variety of specialty stores, perfect for the weekly shopping. The unobtrusive Business Park set back from the suburbs popular shops has many shops that lean toward the home improvement style shops. Although Warriewood lacks public transport, it is well positioned to access the rest of the Northern Beaches. There are two beautiful beaches in Warriewood, Turimetta Beach and Warriewood Beach. The beaches are divided by a rugged headland with a blowhole, a popular place to visit for tourists and locals alike. The headland provides a stunning lookout and a great place for paragliders to take to the sky. Warriewood beach is smaller and more popular whilst Turimetta is known as the “Secret Beach”. This is where you will find the locals swimming, soaking up the sun and exploring the rock pools.

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The Warriewood Wetlands provide a wealth of outdoor space, with a serene natural beauty with vast walking and bike tracks. With plenty of expansive sporting and playing fields and the Warriewood Rocket Park, there is plenty of room for families and children to run and play.

The residents of Warriewood

Warriewood has a strong community who love the great outdoors and all that Warriewood has to offer. Young families are snapping up the new homes being built, whilst established families and empty nesters occupy the beautiful homes in the quiet and leafy residential back streets of Warriewood.

Find your dream home in Warriewood with Amanda On My Side

With the wealth of outdoor space, natural beach playgrounds, the wetlands, playgrounds and the popular Beaches Market, Warriewood is attracting families far and wide. Amanda On My Side knows the local property market and experts and will help you achieve your dream of living in Warriewood.

Amanda On My Side is a team of friendly buyers agents with a can-do attitude who are passionate about seeing every day Australian families find and buy their dream home. Amanda and her team know Warriewood well and have spent years building a network of contacts who help provide independent advice and support for property buyers. Their list of valuable contacts includes:

  • Mortgage brokers
  • Financial advisors
  • Solicitors
  • Real estate agents
  • Property managers
  • Builders
  • Building and pest inspectors.

When you work with Amanda On My Side, you benefit from this extensive network and gain insider knowledge that puts you yards ahead of other property buyers in the area.

Call Amanda On My Side today and kickstart your home buying experience.

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