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Just 18 kilometres north-east of Sydneys’ CBD is Curl Curl, or “Curly” as it is affectionately known by locals. Curl Curl is known for its popular surf beach and is a sports lovers’ paradise!

From the rocky headlands to the sun-soaked beach and open parklands, Curl Curl is a nature and outdoor lovers dream. Long stretches of sand dunes, emerald blue ocean and large green parklands are all begging to be soaked up and enjoyed. Whilst Curl Curl itself boasts a more laid-back lifestyle, you only need to hop on over to the neighbouring suburbs of Dee Why or Manly to be fully immersed in bustling energy.

The housing in Curl Curl is mainly beautiful established homes, making this area an attractive prospect for families with children or those who like a bigger living space. 

Curl Curls’ best buyers agent. 

Amanda On My Side is the leading buyers agent in the area. With our many years of experience in the industry we offer a full range of property buying services in and around the beachside suburb of Curl Curl. We will work hard to ensure that you will soon be moving into your very own home in the peaceful, sunny and beautiful suburb of Curl Curl.

Our team at Amanda On My Side know all the ins and outs of Curl Curl, and have established friendly, professional relationships with the local real estate agents. When you work with us, you work with people who know the housing market and the suburb of Curl Curl intimately. You will benefit from this knowledge and our many years of experience so that your dream home or investment property is well within your grasp. 

A family suburb.

Curl Curl is located on the Northern Beaches, between Dee Why and Freshwater. “Curly” has a stunning stretch of 1.2km beach, combining North and South Curl Curl beaches. It is known as one of Sydney’s best surfing beaches, evidenced by the amount of surfers out on the water no matter what time of year. However, the northern end of the beach has a quiet lagoon that is perfect for children to play in its shallow water as it flows gently out to sea. The southern end of the beach has a pool and cafe for you to relax and enjoy the sunny beach.

Curl Curl is mainly frequented by locals. This means it doesn’t get nearly as busy as the neighbouring areas of Manly and Dee Why. You can enjoy the long stretch of beach without being crowded or worried about your personal belongings.

Curl Curl is dominated by family homes, so really is the perfect lifestyle for you and your family.

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Living in Curl Curl

Curl Curl is a perfect family suburb in the Northern Beaches of Sydney. You can enjoy the laid back and relaxed beach lifestyle, without the hustle and bustle of the busier areas like Manly. However, they are close by if you want to visit and immerse yourself in the more hectic pace.  Curl Curl has:
  • Many family homes, making for a very residential suburb.
  • A variety of house types, from typical Australian beach houses to contemporary luxury homes.
  • Incredible beach views.
  • A relaxed and casual atmosphere.
  • Cafes and many other shops to enjoy and peruse. 
  • Abundant parks, picnic areas and playgrounds to enjoy.
  • 1.2km stretch of a family friendly, patrolled beach with family friendly areas and a beachside cafe.
Amanda On My Side is here to help you find your home in this amazing family friendly suburb of Curl Curl. The team at Amanda On My Side know “Curly” well, and want to see you find your dream home or investment property in this quiet, laid-back and popular suburb. If the outdoor lifestyle and Australian beach life is for you, then make sure you check out Curl Curl and utilise our amazing team to find and buy your home there.
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