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On the Lower North Shore of Sydney lies Lane Cove West. Just a mere 9 kilometres shy of the busy CBD, Lane Cove West somehow retains a peaceful and tranquil vibe. Nestled in lush bushland, Lane Cove Wests boasts many stunning natural wonders, great schools, friendly neighbours and a wealth of delicious eateries and shopping options.

If this sounds like the perfect suburb for you, contact Amanda On My Side today! They will help you snatch up a piece of prime real estate in Lane Cove West so you can start living your best life.

Amanda On My Side, the experienced buyers agent you need in Lane Cove West

Amanda On My Side is here for you, the buyer. With their decades of experience and knowledge of the Sydney real estate market, Amanda and her team will hunt down and secure your dream home or investment property fast and efficiently.

Amanda On My Side offer several different packages to suit any needs:

  • A Complete Home Buyers Package.
  • An Evaluation and Negotiation Package.
  • An Auction Bid Package.

Amanda On My Side is here to make your home buying experience as relaxed and enjoyable as possible.

The Lane Cove West life

Ask any local resident of Lane Cove West and they will be quick to tell you just how much they love living in this beautiful neighbourhood. From the friendly neighbours, stellar schools and childcare services to the superb public transport, vibrant shopping and delicious places to eat, Lane Cove West ticks many boxes.

The close knit community takes advantage of the natural wonders surrounding this lovely suburb, with Lane Cove National Park, Lane Cove River, and many green spaces and playgrounds to enjoy. The vibrant CBD is a mere 10 minutes away, and with the fantastic public transport and bus network all that Sydney has to offer is right on your doorstep.

A friendly, close knit community who embrace their differences

Lane Cove West, and the Lane Cove region are well known for their tolerant and all-embracing community spirit. There is a wide array of festivals and events that celebrate differences and multiculturalism, including the Cameraygal Festival honouring the local Indigenous heritage. This goes on for 9 amazing weeks!

Families love the close-knit, safe and supportive atmosphere, where they know they can count on neighbours to lend a hand if needed. Add in some amazing schools and childcare facilities and you have a suburb that is perfect for you and your family.

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Lane Cove West is the perfect family suburb

Aside from the beautiful community that makes up Lane Cove West, there are many other things that make this suburb perfect for families.

The natural beauties of Lane Cove National Park and the Lane Cove River are begging to be explored. There are multiple playgrounds and parks just made for children to run off their excess energy. In addition, Lane Cove prides itself on being bike and pedestrian friendly. You can walk or ride the streets and commercial areas without worry. Your family will love getting outdoors and exploring.

Amanda On My Side is the property buyers agent you can trust

If you want to live in a tranquil, family friendly neighbourhood that takes advantage of the natural wonders of Lane Cove National Park and Lane Cove River, whilst also being super close to the city you need Amanda and her team on your side. They will use every tool at their disposal to help you purchase your dream home or investment property in Lane Cove West.

Amanda On My Side will work with you to discover exactly what you want in a home for the lifestyle you want to live. This helps form a comprehensive brief which Amanda and her team use to hunt down your ideal property. Using their local connections, such as solicitors, financial advisors, builders, pest inspectors and real estate agents, Amanda On My Side will help you every step of the way from searching for properties to the moment you move in.

Call Amanda On My Side and find out how they can put you in front of the property queue and secure your dream home today.

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