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The alluring suburb that is Rozelle is characterised by a delicious organic food scene, local watering holes and a creative arts culture. Rozelle is within arm’s reach of the city centre and bordered by the glistening waters of the bay. The eclectic mix of historic workers cottages, terrace houses and more modernly designed homes creates an appealing street frontage and provides a little of something for everyone. 

Rozelle has also turned into a iconic shopping destination, with Darling Street being home to many boutique shops, and creative and organic businesses. With the addition of weekly markets, Rozelle is fast becoming a hot spot in Sydney which is shown in the strong housing market in this great Inner West region. 

Rozelles’ local buyers agent is the best of the best!

Amanda On My Side is a buyers agent in Rozelle who really knows Sydney and the property market. We work hard to ensure you benefit from our experience and knowledge and offer a full range of buying services within Rozelle. 

We know you will fall in love with Rozelle, from the organic food scene to the weekly markets, there is so much to enjoy about Rozelle. Sweet little back streets are lined with historic workers cottages that have roots in the blue-collar industry, and with the addition of more modern houses and lovely terrace homes, Rozelle has a varied mix of property types. Amanda On My Side is sure to find something in Rozelle that ticks all of your boxes. 

Darling Street Shopping

Rozelle is home to the Darling Street shopping precinct. It has turned into a shopping destination in its own right, making Rozelle one of Sydneys’ most highly-sought out suburbs. 

Victoria Road and Darling Street are bustling hives of activity, with boutique stores, cafes and restaurants. You will be spoilt for choice! 

The narrow back streets are lined by historic workers cottages, cozy British style pubs and rowdy local watering holes. It is a perfect combination that showcases Rozelles blue-collar roots.

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What is it about Rozelle that is so attractive?

Rozelle is an up and coming suburb that many locals and Sydneysiders are flocking to. The property market is booming and people are wanting in! 

  • Rozelle is home to some of Sydney’s best organic food and lifestyle products. This is showcased in shops and cafes on Darling Street and in local farmers markets. 
  • The Rozelle Markets are held every weekend from 9am to 4pm. They are a great place for antique shopping or to grab a unique find. 
  • British style pubs with cosy beer gardens serving hearty meals and cold beer.
  • Delightful mix of architecturally-designed homes, historic terrace houses and workers cottages.
  • The Bay Run. This is a 7km trail that never strays far from the water as it hugs Iron Cove. 

Rozelles weekly market is brimming with goodies waiting for you to snatch them up. You can find second-hand treasures, antiques and collectibles all laid out in market stalls for perusal and bargaining. The weekly market attracts locals and all Syndeysiders alike, creating a fun and fete-like atmosphere each and every week. 


The hectic pace of Victoria Road and Darling Street give way to the narrow back streets which lead down to Rozelle Bay on one side, and Iron Cove on the other. You can meander along here, or follow the Bay Run course which snakes along the Iron Cove, never straying far from the waters edge. It is a great place to escape the hustle and bustle of the busy cafes and shops. Rozelle is a lovely mix of city life and quite water-side living, creating a harmonious lifestyle that is perfect for young families, professionals or retirees. 

Amanda On My Side can help you find a great property that checks all your boxes in this gorgeous, eclectic suburb. Historical buildings side by side with architecturally designed modern businesses and homes blend perfectly in Rozelle, so you can be sure to find a home that suits you wants and needs. 

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