Help Buying a Home – a buyers agent advice

Help Buying a Home – a buyers agent advice
February 12, 2010 Amanda On My Side

When you need help buying your home who do your turn to?

Buying a home is, of course, an intensely personal decision. It is also one of the most important ones you will make over your lifetime.


Unlike that designer dress or suit you bought that is a little bit too tight but ‘seemed like a good idea at the time’, you will have to live with your choice of house every day for a substantial period. You lolwill also have to live with your mortgage repayments (and their effect on your budget) from month to month.


So when it comes to buying a house, what features and characteristics should be your decision alone, and which should you get professional help with through a buyer’s agent?


Make it personal – these features are your decision alone


There are some areas in which no other person should be trying to influence your decision about buying a home. This includes features of your new home like:


  • General size: The number of bedrooms, the number of bathrooms, the amount of floor space, the amount of garden space etc, will all be determined by the way you currently use your home. This is something that you know intimately, but others won’t.


  • Maximum price: Only you know the intimate details of your budget. You will need to tell your buyer’s agent the maximum amount you are prepared to spend on a property, and they will certainly stick to that.


Ears wide open – The decisions a buyer’s agent can help you make


Buyer’s agents have ‘bought’ more homes in their lives than any ordinary person is ever likely to. The benefits of their experience can be vast. Here are some areas of your ultimate decision about buying a home where having a buyer’s agent is invaluable:


  • Value for money: Does the property represent good value for money? Buyer’s agents have an excellent sense of what makes a property good value. They will weigh up factors like location, potential resale value, long-term usability and current condition to tell you whether a property is worth the asking price.


  • Which homes are worth looking at: Buyer’s agents can help shorten the length of your house-hunt considerably, by creating an initial shortlist of properties that meet your base criteria for buying a home.


  • Amount of the initial offer you should make: Negotiations are often delicate things, easily torn and broken. Buyer’s agents have vast experience in setting initial offers to negotiate a final price.


There are also plenty of extra benefits to using a buyer’s agent when you are buying a home, like the help they provide with legal issues and paperwork, the enormous amount of time saved sifting through properties, and the removal of stress from the entire process.


They can help give you an idea of the long-term profit potential of a property, and have large networks of contacts to allow you to find ‘silent listings’ (those not publicly advertised or marketed).


While there are some decisions that are yours alone, a buyer’s agent provides an invaluable second (or third) opinion in your house hunt. They often save more money than their services cost … and simply make the whole experience of buying a property so much easier and more enjoyable.


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