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The suburb of Dover Heights is like something out of a movie. It’s home to extravagant houses, unbelievable views and a friendly community of like minded people. There is something truly magnificent about living on a cliff face in a sunny city like Sydney. Infact, no matter what the weather, the view over the cliff face is simply exhilarating. It’s a great place to destress, go for nice long strolls through the neighbourhood and of course, it’s a completely unique place to live. 

The Cliffside Suburb

As mentioned, Dover Heights faces a large cliff face overlooking the Pacific Ocean with coastline as far as the eye can see. The views of the sunset over the cliff are out of this world and there is plenty of green open space to enjoy watching them. It wouldn’t be an ideal place to live without lots of local cafes and shops nearby for your morning coffee fix, but luckily there are plenty here. Additionally, there is a walking track in the area where you can safely walk along the cliff face and enjoy the view as well as some lower points closer to the ocean. 


If you’re looking for a suburb with high resale value, Dover Heights is the one for you. This suburb has a lot of demand due to its unique location and proximity to the CBD and other popular neighbourhoods. 

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Reach New Heights

Dover Heights makes you feel like you’re on top of the world, not only because of the high cliff face, but because of the amazing properties all around you. The suburb is well known for its architectural homes often owned by local celebrities and business professionals. Many of the homes available in this area are large and extravagant in the best way possible and great for hosting friends or raising a family. 


As a prestigious suburb, the area is well known but not a tourist attraction; you can still achieve peace and quiet without many passersby. It’s definitely a luxe area, but it doesn’t discriminate; there are people of all walks of life living in Dover Heights. It’s close to fantastic schools, sporting clubs, gyms and recreational areas which is always a plus for active families. With many leisure spots around the place, Dover Heights is also home to many retirees and of course, people looking for a suburb close to the CBD. 

Suburbs Around Dover Heights

  • Rose Bay
  • Vaucluse
  • North Bondi

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