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BUYERS AGENT, Centennial Park

Blanketed in lush green landscapes, tree canopies, hiking trails and running tracks, Centennial Park feels like a live-in holiday destination. This suburb is one for nature lovers and people who love living amongst large open spaces. Centennial Park brings a countryside feel into suburbia whilst still being close to the Sydney CBD and surrounding suburbs. 

Live In Nature

Living in such a fast paced city can be exhausting, but Centennial Park brings a sense of peace to the hustle and bustle of Sydney. Likened to Central Park in New York, the greenery of the parklands spans over 189 hectares of land and is surrounded by stunning upmarket homes. The area is well known for being clean and well looked after as many of the residents in the area take it upon themselves to maintain the parklands.

It feels like a whole new world filled with diverse flora, picnic areas, public hangouts and quiet spaces. Sydney is known for its beaches, but the beach isn’t for everyone. This is why Centennial Park is such a popular suburb for couples, retirees and growing families who want to be able to enjoy the outdoors without the busyness of a beach like Bondi. 

The homes in Centennial Park are primarily heritage or classic homes with a lot of character and charm. You will find that many homes are built on large, well-landscaped blocks, in-keeping with the theme of natural landscapes throughout the neighbourhood. The whole suburb exudes a vintage opulence that anyone would fall in love with, especially when paired with rolling hills overlooking clear blue ponds. It’s like living in heaven on earth!

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Things To Do

Of course there are endless ways to enjoy in the parklands and lots of weekly outdoor community activities being held there. However, there’s more to Centennial Park than mother nature. This suburb is a stone’s throw away from amazing restaurants in and around the parklands, and is also only a 15 minute drive from the CBD. The real pleasure to be had is in amongst the landscapes of the parklands as it really is a heavenly sanctuary. Many residents and visitors to the area enjoy:

  • Bike riding
  • Walking or running through the park
  • Having family picnics or visiting the playground
  • Playing with dogs in the park
  • Taking part in outdoor exercise classes
  • Going to the park cafe
  • Visiting the equestrian centre
  • Learning about the local wildlife and native plants

Suburbs Around Centennial Park

  • Paddington
  • Moore Park
  • Kensington
  • Woollahra
  • Centennial Park
  • Randwick
  • Bondi Junction
  • Queens Park
  • Randwick
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