best breaks on the northern beaches

The best breaks on the Northern Beaches

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The laid back attitude and sand-between-the-toes lifestyle of the Northern Beaches has its roots in the salt encrusted surf culture that is inherent in the beachside towns and suburbs right around Australia

Offering some of the best surf waves in the world, the Northern Beaches gives you the ultimate choice of surf breaks and the convenience of catching some waves before heading into the big smoke for work. Its appeal for board riders and swimmers alike is the proximity to the big city with easy access to those ‘gnarly’ waves stretching 20 kilometers along the coastline, from Manly Beach to Palm Beach.

If your new-home requirements include space for your surfboard collection and a stroll down to catch those breaks before the commute, then these suburbs are worth checking out.


surfing in manly


The first of Sydney’s many northern beaches is Manly.  It is the birthplace of surfing after a visit and surfing demonstration by Hawaiian Olympic swimming champion Duke Kahanamoku.

As with all surfing, a lot depends on the swell, wind direction and tides, but Manly’s reputation and its range of surf breaks is evident from the number of surfers out trying to catch a wave – even on an average day!

Acquiring your dream surf shack here in Manly can be as tricky as surfing Deadman if you are waiting for the right time and price. Even though there’s plenty of property coming to market, the appeal of the Manly lifestyle means that they are just as quick to be taken off market!



Newport Beach surf spots


Newport is famous for the water sports playground that it is. Great for yachting, scuba diving and windsurfing; even whale/dolphin watching.

This beach is also the home of three times world surfing champion, Tom Carroll. The surf is however limited to The Peak, an inshore reef toward the northern end Newport Beach.

If you are looking for a place to park your board and wait for your next ride, The Peak is the one for you. The beach provides continuous and constant amazing waves that are perfect for surfing.

Newport Beach is located at the north of Bungan Beach and south of Bilgola Beach. The 1.3 km long beach faces east and extends from the rocks at Newport Head.

Newport is an excellent suburb to either live in or invest. There are plenty of properties that enjoy the large ocean view so you can keep your eye out for a good swell, and get a few rides in before the word spreads.



Avalon Surf Spots


LA (Little Avalon) is a local preference and Avalon is also enjoying a good swell in property popularity. It is so popular that surfing legends are known to frequent this Northern Beaches coastline.

The boarding community here is significant because for over a decade or so Avalon has been the ‘sea-change’ destination for surfers. It is known as the local surf spot to chase the perfect wave.

Like Newport, Avalon has seen positive, consistent property growth, so buy now rather than waiting a few years – and again, a savvy shopper can still find a bargain.


surfing palm beach and whale beach sydney

Palm and Whale Beach

Palm Beach is an exposed beach break that has dependable surf works best in offshore winds from the west southwest.

Whale Beach, on the other hand, is home to The Big Swim; an ocean swim of several kilometers from Palm Beach to Whale Beach. The Big Swim has been held in January each year since 1974.

Whale Beach and South Palmy can both work a big swell, and both beaches are known for their friendly vibe and surfing camaraderie. With some of the most famous wave-watching assets in the country, this market is not for grommets.



Bouddi National Park is Box Head

Local Secret – Box Head

Off the tip of the Bouddi National Park is Box Head, tucked in behind Lion Island near the channel. Box Head can deliver significant time in the right conditions – no matter which suburb you end up in, don’t forget to flip over to the Pittwater side and find a mate with a boat who can take you out when the right swell comes in.

It is a rare but epic left point that can produce rides up to 1500m along a sandbank that forms at the mouth of the Hawkesbury River. Sucky, vortexing barrels or long sectioning slashable walls, depending on the state of the sand, then a grueling against-the-current- paddle out.

There’s land access after a long walk from Hawke Head Drive car park in Bouddi or a very long and heavy paddle from Umina with raging rips and boat traffic so smart surfers from Sydney and the surrounding area scoot out with a boat.

If you’re only happy waxing down your surfboard and riding on that perfect wave, a home on the Northern Beaches will give you the best year-round surfing. Easy access to schools, shops and business centres and a salty carefree lifestyle makes it all worthwhile.

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