The best breaks on the Northern Beaches

The laid back attitude and sand-between-the-toes lifestyle of the Northern Beaches has its roots in the salt encrusted surf culture that is inherent in the beachside towns and suburbs right around Australia.


The appeal of Sydney’s Northern Beaches for swimmers and board riders alike is the proximity to big city convenience and the possibility of getting in a quick surf before suiting up and heading into the office.


But as surfers know, all beaches are far from equal and local surfers all have their favourite breaks where the waves are perfect in the right swell.


If your new home must-have list includes space for your surf board collection and easy access to well know surf spots – the following suburbs are ‘gnarly’ as they say…


As with all surfing, so much depends on the swell, wind direction and tides however the popularity of Manly and its range of surf breaks is evident from the number of surfers out trying to catch a wave – even on an average day!

For property buyers, property turnover is constant but catching the right place to hang your wettie, at the right price can be as tricky as surfing Deadmans.


The Peak is the spot to park your board and wait for a nice ride in. Generally delivering consistent quality waves, given the right conditions (a west northwest wind or a southeasterly swell), The Peak can go ‘right off’. When this happens, this break can get very crowded. To dodge the crowds, head to the lesser known but reliable Bungan Beach to see what’s pumping there.

Newport has always been and will continue to be a solid suburb to either live in or invest in, despite this bargains still exist. There are plenty of opportunities for properties that have a wide ocean view so you can keep your eye out for a good swell, and get a few rides in before the word spreads.


LA (Little Avalon) is a local favourite and Avalon is also enjoying a good swell in property popularity. Be careful who you drop in on, some well known surging legends have been known to frequent LA on a regular basis.

Avalon is central to all the local surf spots so for those who like to chase the perfect wave, settling in Avalon is a great choice. Like Newport, Avalon has seen reliable, consistent property growth, so buy now rather than waiting a few years – and again, a savvy shopper can still find a bargain.


Palm and Whale Beach
Whale Beach and South Palmy can both work a big swell and both beaches are known for their friendly vibe and surfing camaraderie. With some of the most prestigious wave-watching properties in the country, this market is not for grommets.


Local Secret – Box Head
Box Head, tucked in behind Lion Island near the channel can deliver big time in the right conditions – no matter which suburb you end up in, don’t forget to flip over to the Pittwater side and find a mate with a boat who can take you out when the right swell comes in.


If you’re happiest waxing down your surfboard and searching for the perfect wave, a home on the Northern Beaches will give you the best of the best with year-round surfing, easy access to schools, shops and business centres and a salty carefree lifestyle that makes it all worthwhile.


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