Sydney’s secluded harbour beaches

Sydney Harbour is one of the most beautiful harbours in the world. When viewed from the water, it is one of the least built up harbour cities, with large areas set aside as National Park and a healthy tree-to house ratio in most suburbs. Tucked in around the water’s edge all around the harbour as some of the most secluded and pretty beaches in Australia.

Forget the hustle and bustle of Tamarama and Bondi – these 5 secluded harbour beaches will beat the crowds and keep you cool:

1) Little Manly Beach – Manly
Peel away from the hordes of tourists flocking to the beachfront at the end of the Corso, take a right turn when you get off the ferry and head to Little Manly beach instead. This south-facing inlet provides a less busy place to swim or chill out on the sand. Locals in the know take advantage of the kiosk located right at the water’s edge or come down early to do some laps in the fresh ocean pool.

2) Forty Baskets Beach – Balgowlah
Balgowlah’s best kept secret faces north east towards Manly beach. A winner with kids, this beach has a tidal pool and is calm and safe. There is ample grass room for picnics, a barbecue or a game of cricket. The best thing about this beach is the plentiful parking! It is one of the area’s lesser known spots and therefore not as busy.

3) Chinamans Beach – Mosman
One of the most famous works by iconic Australian artist Ken Done is of the view down to Chinaman’s Beach from the slopes above it. To find this gem of a spot, turn off Military Road and drive down a winding road towards the ocean side of the harbour. Chinaman’s Beach is the perfect location for a long weekend get together with friends and the kids, with plenty of space to spread out a picnic blanket.

4) Milk Beach – Vaucluse
Those seeking seclusion and a place away from the crowds will love Milk Beach in Vaucluse, a little patch of sandy paradise. Get there early to find a parking spot and enjoy the thrill of swimming or snorkelling in calm waters, with stunning views back towards the city.

5) Store Beach – water access only Manly
Up for an adventure? Jump on a paddleboard or in a kayak and head across to Store Beach. Because it is only accessible by water you can guarantee you’ll be one of the few adventurous enough to show up. Set out from Little Manly beach and be sure to bring your lunch in a backpack – all that paddling will make you hungry! This is a great outing for older children who are confident on the water.

And a bonus beach for the more adventurous!

6) Cobblers Beach – nudist
A nudist beach in Sydney? Yes, you read that right. This beach is situated near the military bases of Middle Head in Sydney Harbour National Park. You’ll have to drive through Mosman to access this secret spot. The website for the National Park reminds bathers that while there is a designated nude bathing area, clothing is required in the surrounding bushland!

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