Sell a house, not your home

While many people understand that what is comfortable and familiar to them may not present an appealing atmosphere for a potential buyer, few go further than a new coat of paint and some much needed repairs. Having been given a price guide below their expectation, few are willing to spend money on presenting their home as a house or product to the market.


But what most don’t understand about buyers in today’s market is that they do not necessarily want to purchase a shell in which to put their existing lives, but a dream to aspire to. Paradoxically,  while you are selling a house, they are buying a home. De-cluttering  and giving your house the pre-open house professional clean is no longer enough to get your property to stand out. If you really want to become an aspiration option for the current market, a professional makeover may be necessary.


Why de-cluttering is not enough:
No matter how aggressively you declutter your house, you are still left with a house containing furniture, items and decorations that are distinctly yours. In fact nothing highlights your style more than a good de-clutter as you tend to get rid of anything that does not 110% represent ‘who you are’. As a general practice, this is great. However when it comes to selling your house, it can be counter-productive.


It is no longer your home. It is a house:
Selling a house is actually no different to selling any product or service. For the vendor, there can be a lot of personal value tied up in the transaction, however, as distressing as this may be, personal value does not translate into dollars and cents The discrepancy between how you ‘feel’ about your home and what your house is valued against the market can be alarming. Once you look at your property objectively you can start to highlight features that will appeal to buyers and play down, or upgrade areas that may not be as appealing.


Get professional help:
If you are not the consummate sales person, with a stylish eye and an unlimited decorating budget, it can be a good idea to engage a team of specialists to get your property ready for the open market.

A Real Estate agent is the obvious place to start as they will know what the market is doing, what people are looking for, price indications and, if you are lucky, buyers lined up and ready to inspect.

Professional cleaners are another good investment. External walls, cobwebs, eaves, windows, nooks and crannies can all be spic and span in less time than you can imagine, leaving you to do a quick once-over before inspections and open-houses.

Interior Stylists specialise in giving your house an internal makeover to show off it’s features. Often they will re-purpose rooms (leaving you to wonder why on earth you never used that corner as a smart home-office before) and re-arrange or replace furniture to give a modern, more up-market feeling to the house. If your house is empty, they can bring in an entire fit-out for photos, inspections and open-houses.


A buyers agent has active buyers looking for a range of properties, from homes to investments. Contact Amanda On My Side for more information.