Renovation Trends for the Inner West

Sydney’s inner west is full of older cottages and terraces, reminiscent of the early days of a growing city.

These original homes are now sought after property thanks to being located in trendy neighbourhoods that are close to the CBD.

Buy an inner-west terrace and you can’t go wrong, especially if you have the funds to bring it into the 21st Century with some well planned renovations.

These are key trends right now that are modernising inner-west living:

Indoor / outdoor style
Savvy residents are making the most of their courtyard space by installing sliding doors that allow the indoors to become the outdoors during the warmer months. Flinging the doors open means that living space is extended and the fresh air is able to flow into the house. This Balinese inspired way of living allows for al-fresco dining and brings a relaxed, carefree vibe to the home.

Inner west residences can often be poky and feel stifling. A well placed skylight is an instant mood lifter, allowing the space to be brightened and feel more fresh. An architect can give advice on the best place to install a skylight to will allow the most light into even the dimmest of terrace houses.

Clever use of space
The convenience of living close to the city often means the sacrifice of the extra space of a house in the suburbs. Enter ‘micro living’, a new movement in interior design which maximises the use of space and lets people live better with less.

Designers who focus on small spaces are able to adapt one area for multiple uses. This can be as simple as installing a child’s bed that folds away to allow for more room to play. A cupboard may open up to reveal a study nook that can be extended for use during the day. And of course it’s all about storage – sliding drawers under beds and living room bench seats that lift up to reveal room for all the household linen.

Planet friendly solutions
Renovators are looking to the future when upgrading their houses. They’re installing solar panels, double glazed windows and insulation to reduce heating bills and cut back on emissions. Lighting options are becoming more energy efficient and even flooring choices are made based on the use of sustainable materials such as bamboo.

Making environmentally friendly choices now results in a modern looking home that makes the most of the latest technology. It can also result in incredible cost savings as the years go by and a higher resale value in the long term.


A buyer’s agent can help you find a renovator’s dream or a place that is ready to move right into in Sydney’s inner west. For more information, contact Amanda On My Side.