Renovation Trends for the Inner West

Renovation Trends for the Inner West

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The inner west of Sydney is still abundant with memories of the early days of a growing city. 

Original homes with terraces and cottages here at the inner west of Sydney are the most sought after trendiest renovation property of today, thanks to its proximity to the CBD, transport links, cultural attractions and cafe culture.

With well-planned renovations and the ability for resources to stretch a bit further in the inner west (compared to the eastern suburbs or north shore) you can have a modernised home in one of the most liveable precincts in Sydney. Whether you are selling or staying, these renovation trends will pay off.



Inner West Sydney Skylights


Lift the mood of your residence by installing skylights that will lighten up even the dimmest of terrace houses. It’s a wonderful way to be able to bring more light and ventilation into the house.

Natural light is also a big selling factor. Adding energy-efficient, no-leak skylights can also increase your home’s efficiency and appeal to potential buyers. Save on your own energy bills with natural light throughout the day. Even if you have dark hallways or walk-in closets, skylights can save you from turning on the lights.

If you’re worried about direct sunlight, get skylights with UV filters or have them installed in a way that doesn’t funnel light directly into a room. If you are getting your home remodeled, why not consider getting this built into the design process and have an architect’s skilled eye across the entire process.


Indoor / Outdoor living

Maximise your living space with al-fresco dining and bring a relaxing, carefree vibe into your home. Open up an entire side of the house by removing the wall and installing floor to ceiling glass doors or sliding doors to create a flowing connection with the outdoors in the warmer months.

Adding a deck also adds to the outdoor living area – to entertain friends and family. If there’s space, multi level decks are a popular way to maximise the use of outdoor space with different areas for entertaining seating and a separate area for the outdoor kitchen.

The more you can use your outdoor living space, the more cost-effective it will be. In the cooler months consider a fire pit or free standing heaters to extend your outdoor season. In the warmer months use a retractable awning or umbrella to provide shade.


Maximise the use of space

An astute designer can help maximise a small space and adapt to multiple uses that enable better liveability with less.

Storage Options for apartments and homes

The best of the trendy renovations will include clever ways to maximise space such as floor to ceiling shelving, well-placed hooks, awesome under-stair storage, dual-functioning furniture, fold-out desks and tables or even a lofted bed.

A cupboard may open up to reveal a study nook that can be extended for use during the day. Perfect for working from home or creating a temporary home office that can be tucked away at night. Or living room bench seats that lift up to reveal storage room for all the household linen.

Get creative with small bathrooms by adopting efficient minimalism. Think clean, elegant and efficient. Use a glass shower wall divider in your bathroom to help make the room appear more spacious and airier. Use floating shelves to provide storage without cramping the walls.

Minimalism is trending for kitchens as well with hidden storage options, handle-less cabinetry and integrated appliances. Elegant bar stools around the island bench provide functionality where there’s limited kitchen space and a tandem pull-out pantry provides clever storage to keep items out of sight whilst ensuring they are easily accessible and not languishing at the back of a cupboard.

If you’re into gardening but short on space, think vertical with stacked planters along shelves or window ledges. Hanging planters with ropes are trending right now. So there’s no excuse not to flex that green thumb even if you have no lawn!

Being conscious of the space you’re using helps. And also thinking through multiple uses for each space according to the time of day. Both of these approaches help to create a lot more room in the inner west home of your dreams.


Eco- friendly solutions

Good designers don’t just focus on trendy renovations; they also make sure that their creation is sustainable long term. This is particularly important today as buyers are looking for more energy efficient, environmentally friendly homes.

Most builders will be able to provide eco-friendly solutions as part of your build process. Consider natural insulation. Install sufficient heating. Lay eco flooring and install solar water heating. All of these environmentally friendly choices will also result in incredible cost savings and possibly even higher resale value in the long term.

Consider the type of materials that are going into your home as well. This means sustainable materials that may be repurposed, easily recycled, nontoxic or natural.

Prioritising sustainable materials is particularly trendy right now given the collective focus on the environment and the need to reduce waste. These include energy efficient appliances both kitchen and bathroom as well as around the house.

Sourcing domestic materials to reduce our carbon footprint is also an important aspect in sustainability. By purchasing domestic materials, local economies benefit and carbon emissions are lowered.

A buyer’s agent can help you find a renovator’s dream or a place that is ready to move right into Sydney’s inner west. For more information, contact Amanda On My Side.

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