Motivated sellers

Why do some people seem to be able to sell houses faster than others, yet a similar house can sit on the market for what seems like forever? Selling a house takes more than sticking a ‘for sale’ sign in the yard and listing with the local agents. Here are four simple ways you can help speed up your house sale.


Be sure
Selling your home, particularly if it is a house where you raised your family, or grew up, can be a very emotional process. While part of you understands that you need, for whatever reason, to sell, a large part of you will be subconsciously holding on, unwilling or unable to let go. While it may seem a little esoteric, your state of mind and your energy can affect the process of selling a property. Make sure you are truly ready to move on – feeling emotional is natural, and part of the process, but unresolved feelings can hamper progress.


Be ready
Once you decide to sell your property, make a list of all the things you need to get done. Small repairs, and maintenance may seem costly and time consuming however it is these small things that put a prospective buyer off. Make sure windows are spotless, particularly high windows, and the roof and gutters are free from leaf-litter. Ensure there are no dripping taps or cracked tiles in the bathroom and laundry and all lights have a working bulb. A house that appears to be well maintained and cared for has a greater psychological appeal than a run-down dump that looks un-cared for.
A spotless house indicates a house that is easy to live in and easy to clean. Mouldy grout, dusty sills and flaking paint make a house look shabby – without the chic. If you are keen to sell, it is worth considering engaging a professional cleaner to give your house a full once-over to get it really sparkling.


Be proactive
While it is usually on the buyer to arrange building and pest reports, it is not unheard of for sellers to put together a portfolio for the property which includes recent reports with full contact details of the company who conducted the report, photographs of the property at different times of the year and in the case of a recent renovation, a list of the tradespeople who last worked on the house. By proactively disclosing everything about the house, a buyer will not feel like you are trying to hide anything. They are then able to arrange whatever reports and assessments they then wish to.


Be flexible
Sometimes it takes a bit of flexibility in either price, or conditions of sale to get a buyer over the line. A longer or shorter settlement can be the difference between a sale and a no sale. Price can also be a tipping point. A fast sale with a short settlement may suit you perfectly, and worth dropping a little from the price. Be willing to negotiate and be flexible in order to get that ‘sold’ sticker!


A buyers agent can assist you with all aspect of selling your home and they have access to motivated buyers. Call Amanda On My Side to get your sale off to a speedy start.