Make your move (without the stress)

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Buying your dream home is hugely exciting. Packing up and moving into it is often the complete opposite!

According to a recent survey from the Australian Bureau of Statistics, close to fifty percent of Australians move house at least once in a five year period. That’s a lot of cardboard boxes!

Here are five survival tips to get you through the move without the drama.

1) Be organised
Often when packing it’s easy to start off with the best of intentions and end up haphazardly throwing the garden tools in a box along with the contents of the third drawer in your kitchen. The more methodical you can be with your packing, the better.


2) Take notes
As you are packing, keep a list of what is in each box and write on the boxes which room they belong to. This will be helpful for your movers and make unpacking a lot easier once you have reached your destination.

If you want to be an amazing client or friend to the people helping you relocate, tape a floor-plan of the house to the top of each box and mark clearly which room it belongs in.


3) Be realistic about how much time you have
Most people underestimate just how much stuff they have accumulated over the years. This leads to a frantic panic in the final hours before the movers show up.

Realistically, moving the contents of an entire house is not something anybody can do in a weekend. Packing in a rush will cause you to be disorganised and completely frazzled throughout the entire ordeal.

If you’re cutting it fine in terms of time, ask for help or hire a professional packing and moving company to take the pressure off.


4) Stock up on bubble wrap
Moving can be fatal for treasured possessions. To avoid the heartbreak of broken family heirlooms, you can’t take too much care. Be strategic when you’re packing breakables and don’t rely on newspaper as a shock absorber or you’ll be trying to absorb your own shock at the loss of your wedding crystal.


5) Keep emergency supplies handy on the day
Don’t pack away everything! Make sure you have a box cutter to hand for when you arrive at your new house. You should also make sure toilet paper, a change of clothes, garbage bags and perhaps a couple of flutes and a bottle of bubbly are easily accessible!


A real estate buyer’s agent can help you find your dream home in the perfect area. For more information contact Amanda On My Side.


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