Housing trends – then and now.

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Once upon a time all the best houses had a formal sitting room and you were doing well if your toilet was inside instead of right down at the back of the garden. How things have changed! Design for housing and interiors follows trends like clothing and haircuts, and what was a must-have item thirty years ago can now look old fashioned and even be a counter-productive element in your home.
There are some features that stand out and date your house instantly. If you can remember the 1960s you’ll easily be able to picture the trendiest houses of the day, with their brown and orange decor and their trend setting sunken living rooms, or ‘conversation pits’. This was a big step away from the parlours and sitting rooms of years gone by and symbolised society’s evolution away from formality and tradition.


Fast forward to the seventies and eighties and your house simply had to have a fully stocked bar if it was going to look modern, as well as an awesome games room with its piece de resistance – a big green pool table. The open plan trend started gathering momentum around this time, changing the kitchen from a place where the cook was banished to a focal area for starting the day with family and finishing it with friends who had dropped by for a chat.
Wardrobes were replaced with built ins and then built ins moved aside for the walk-in wardrobes which are a must-have on many home buyer’s lists today. The past decades have seen the rise of the ensuite bathroom, even in the smallest two bedroom apartment, and the old fashioned games room has made way for the media room with its oversized screen and comfy chairs.
In modern architecture the focus is on indoor / outdoor living and kitchens have migrated all the way outside, with many outdoor eating areas fitted with fridges, sinks and cooktops.
So what do you do if your house is more Mad Men than Modern Family?
It’s not impossible to update a house with a small renovation budget by making some key changes. An experienced specialist can show you how a wall removal or new kitchen benches can bring your house into the now. A sunken living room might be hard to change but fresh new carpet and modern coloured paint can brighten up the area and bring it closer to the present day.
Or you could go the other way and emphasise the old world charm of your home by highlighting the strongest points of its retro design and style. There are plenty of home buyers with their eye out for the right style of old-school property, and who will appreciate the unique style of a well kept house from a bygone era.
One thing is for sure – the trends keep coming, which is something to bear in mind when you are shopping for a home. Try to go with a timeless feel so that you don’t have to make big changes down the track.
A buyer’s agent can help you find the perfect property, no matter what era you love. Contact Amanda On My Side.

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