Buyer’s Guide – Rozelle

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Originally known as Balmain West, Rozelle came into its own in around the early 1900s, after it was granted its very own post office and named after nearby Rozelle Bay. There are a few different versions of what the name relates to, one being that it is a pointer to the local Rosella parrots that inhabit the area. Leichhardt Council has named its Rozelle ward Wangal, after the original inhabitants.

What’s the vibe?
Rozelle, along with neighbouring Balmain, started off as a suburb full of migrant workers and wasn’t highly sought after. How times have changed!

Nowadays it is one of the most popular addresses in Sydney, with a chic urban crowd and a trendy cafe and shopping scene. It’s getting harder and harder to find a rundown old terrace in this area, they’ve been snapped up and refurbished by Sydney-siders who want to be close to work in the city and also near the stunning Sydney harbour.

Hidden secret
Locals love Rozelle’s weekend markets, an eclectic mix of antiques, collectables and retro 2nd hand goods. You can find many a cheap buy or just enjoy an afternoon spent wandering from stall to stall.

Public Transport
While traffic can get a little frustrating as commuters grind their way into the city along Victoria Road, there are plenty of buses in and out of the area to save residents from having to drive. Residents also have the benefits of the local tram network, which extends from Central Station to nearby Dulwich Hill.

Buy, rent, invest
If you had the foresight to buy into Rozelle before the Sydney Olympics you’d be congratulating yourself right about now. The only way has been up for the suburb for the past fifteen years as it has gentrified and gone upmarket.

Renting a three bedroom house or apartment in Rozelle will cost you upwards of $900 per week. This means it’s a good place to invest – you should always be able to find tenants in this highly popular suburb.

If you’re considering buying, make sure you don’t pay too much! Rozelle is a popular suburb but you should make sure you’re buying a building that has been looked after properly. If you get the thumbs up from a building inspector you probably won’t look back after buying into this secure location for property.


A buyer’s agent can help you find your dream home in Rozelle. For more information contact Amanda On My Side.

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