Buyer’s Guide – North and South Curl Curl

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Where is Curl Curl

Curl Curl Beach is a long stretch of sandy beach between Freshwater and Dee Why and bordered on the north by Greendale Creek and Curl Curl Lagoon. Curl Curl is so long that it has two surf clubs and is split into North Curl Curl and South Curl Curl. The land originally was under the care of the Dharuk people and the name was derived from curial curial, meaning ‘river of life’. Affectionately known as Curly by locals, it misses a lot of through traffic due to the hustle of busy Brookvale and Warringah Mall.


What is the vibe

Curl Curl is a down-to-earth suburb, relaxed and friendly. With the beaches not visible from the main drag – Pittwater Road, it retains little pockets with village atmospheres – cafes where the staff are un-pretentious but still know your child’s babyccino preference, and happily provide drinking water for your dog.


Even though it is off the trodden path, Warringah Mall, Brookvale and Manly are close enough to feel part of the buzz – but not in it all the time. There are still streets that are reminiscent of 1970’s beach holidays (Molong St, we’re talking about you).


Curly’s spectacular streets

For the some of the best ocean views in a city that has some of the best in the world, you can’t go past South Curl Curl’s Carrington Pde. Winding back up the hills there are capital ’S’ Spectacular properties with Spectacular views.


In North Curly, try Summit Ave and Robertson Road for prestige properties as well as some hidden gems on nearby streets.


Who lives there

Predominantly a family suburb, Curl Curl is surprisingly affluent with the average mortgage repayment kicking in at $3000 per month (compared to the National median of $1,800 – according to the 2011 census data). Aside from being conveniently close to transport and service hubs, Curl Curl has a primary school – Curl Curl North Public School – and is in the catchment for Freshwater Senior Campus – a part of the Northern Beaches Secondary College.


Buy, Rent, Invest?

Both North and South Curl Curl are mostly single occupancy family style homes. The average price for a 4 bedroom house is $1.5 million. Rental demand – following a city-wide trend – is in steady however less than 10 units/flats have sold in the last 12 months ( but that is more a reflection of the house to unit ratio of these two suburbs. We say buy.



If you are thinking of buying or selling in North or South Curly, contact Amanda On My Side – Amanda loves Curly so much she lives there!

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