Buyer’s Guide – Killara

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Travel 14 kilometres north of the Sydney CBD to find yourself in leafy Killara, home to around 9 thousand people.The word itself translates to ‘permanent’ in Aboriginal, which is a nice way to think about it when you are looking for a place to live.

The suburb is known for being home to famous architect Harry Seidler as well as celebrity television presenter David Koch. It was supermodel Elle McPherson’s local neighbourhood when she was growing up.

The vibe
Killara was established in 1899, with a view to being a ‘gentleman’s suburb’, focusing on residential properties and having very few businesses. It remains primarily residential today, although there are considerably more trading establishments than there were one hundred years ago. There are plenty of highly rated local cafes and restaurants to choose from.

The suburb is tranquil and stylish, with over two-thirds of residents living in free-standing houses. Most of these homes are built in a federation style and are generous in size, reflecting the affluent tone of Sydney’s north shore. Real estate in this area boasts on-site parking, ample bedrooms and multiple bathrooms.

Hidden secret
Locals actually call Killara’s Swain Gardens the ‘Secret Garden’, with even some residents unaware of these delightful public gardens. The three-hectare bushland setting was originally privately owned but was bequeathed to the National Trust in the 1970s. It has barbecues for get-togethers and is a treasure trove of hidden pathways that kids will love exploring. Entry is free and there are regular open days to welcome the community.

Public Transport
Killara is conveniently located near to the Sydney CBD and the shopping districts of Chatswood and Hornsby. The suburb has its own railway station travelling directly to the city and is adjacent to the busy but easily accessible Pacific Highway. Journeying to the city takes around half an hour by train and anywhere between twenty minutes to an hour along the highway, depending on the time of day.

Buy, rent, invest
With its beautiful free standing houses and elegant reputation, this suburb is in high demand. Search property websites for Killara and you’ll mainly see ‘Auction’ instead of asking prices. In this well-to-do suburb, a brand new one bedroom apartment can come with a price tag of over $800,000. Renters can expect to pay in excess of $450 a week for a one-bedder and over $1000 for a free standing house.

The average home price in Killara is $2 million, with growth in the last twelve months at 11.5%. If you’re a buyer or an investor in this exclusive suburb, it’s hard to go wrong.


A real estate buyer’s agent can help you find the perfect home, no matter what your budget. For more information contact Amanda on My Side. 

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