Buyer’s Guide – Hunters Hill

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Hunters Hill sits on a small peninsula of land where the Parramatta and Lane Cove Rivers meet – it shares the tip of the peninsula with the slightly more up-market – in an already affluent area – suburb of Woolwich. The area was originally known as Moocooboola – meaning ‘where waters meet’ – by the local Aboriginals. It was later re-named after the second Governor of New South Wales, John Hunter.

Because of its location, there is no through traffic, giving the whole suburb a quiet village atmosphere. The streets lined with long-established trees and sandstone mansions give a hint of Englishness and if it had to be described with one word, Hunters Hill is peaceful.

The vibe
With quite a few notable celebrities in residence, Hunters Hill has the aura of quiet money and substance; with politicians, creative and world class sports people calling this leafy suburb home. Despite this, a down-to-earth attitude to bumping into ‘our Cate’ at the corner shop prevails. But while the busy mums are clad in ‘active-wear’, it likely didn’t come from Kmart, and the local public school sees many of its students move onto the more prestigious private schools as they enter secondary school.

Best street
Sydney’s insatiable desire for water views will determine that any street that affords a view of the water is the best street in the Suburb – in Hunters Hill, Le Vesinet Drive, Viret St and Sea St will satisfy that desire and then some. Because the suburb is a cul-de-sac in and of itself, what might be considered the worst street in Hunters Hill far surpasses the best street in many other suburbs so it’s hard to go wrong no matter which way you turn.

Public transport
On top of the charm, peace and affluence of Hunters Hill, there is also the convenience – a mere 9 kms from the CBD. There are no train lines to Hunters Hill but buses will get you from there to all the nearby centres – Sydney City, Macquarie Park and Chatswood are all regularly serviced by Sydney Buses. You can also head in the opposite direction to Valentia St at the tip of Woolwich and catch the Parramatta River Ferry into Circular Quay.

Buy, Rent, Invest
Unless you have been saving for the kind of deposit that would buy a home outright in other suburbs, investing in Hunters Hill isn’t necessarily a fiscally sound option. Rental properties are not unheard of, as residents move overseas for a few years and use the opportunity to capitalise on their property, however over two thirds of the suburb is owner occupied. The popular choice is ‘buy to live’ with very few apartment complexes, and low rental turnover. This is a suburb that will never lose appeal.

Elegant, well serviced, and convenient, it is no secret that this suburb is one of Sydney’s most sought after in the property market. Even the worst house in the worst street will be over one million dollars – but that house will be far from shabby.

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