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3 things a property needs to have to make it a comfortable home

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Shopping for a new family home can be a stressful and fraught process for home-buyers. It is a large investment – often the largest one you will ever make and you want to be sure you are buying a home that is right for your family.

It is often advised, in order to find the right property, you make three lists. List 1 is all the Non-Negotiable features the property much have (or not have) to make your short-list. List 2 is the Very Important things that can possibly be traded off for a good non-negotiable feature. And the third list is the Nice To Have features that – if all the other criteria are met, is the icing on the cake.

But in terms of what makes helps the most in creating a home for you family – there are three key things that a property must possess.

1) Off Street Parking
As the traffic woes of Sydney increase as we become more and more populated, the issue of parking is becoming a front-of-mind issue for even some of the most spacious suburbs. For two-car families, the ability to park in your own garage can be the make or break when it comes to your home being a refuge of comfort and convenience from the hustle of everyday commuting, errand-runs and school duties.

2) A Sunny Spot
While “a north-east aspect” is a feature that sits high on many home buyers Non-Negotiable list – the fact of the matter is that properties that face North East in Sydney are often in the premium price bracket but there are many blocks that face west, or even south, that are flooded with sun at different times of the day. A house with at least 4 to 5 hours of beaming sunlight per day in the winter can be as good as houses that face north or north-east. They often have the added advanced of being sheltered from the wind at certain times of the year.

3) Easy access
Less lifestyle and more hip-pocket, a house that is easy to access can make life a lot easier and cost effective. Battle-axe blocks, steep access and dense established trees will all hamper access if you need to do heavy-duty maintenance or a significant renovation. Side of house access can also be an issue if you wish to do any landscaping or install a pool in the back yard. In some instances, helicopter-ing materials in can be the only (expensive) option.

Keep these three points in mind as you write your shortlist – they may not be obvious features, but over time you will feel the benefits of each one and be happy in your new home.

For expert help on finding – and buying – your new home, contact Amanda On My Side today.

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