1 2 or 3 – how easy can an investment property be?

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Investment properties are hot in Sydney right now. High rental demand in the city and inner suburbs means that apartment sized properties are a good investment, with solid capital gains over 5 to 10 years almost guaranteed.


But what are renters looking for and how can you skew your investment strategy to accommodate their needs?


Anecdotally there has been no easing in rental demand for at least three years in the inner suburbs.  Proximity to the city, public transport and universities all play a part in the demand for apartments. This demand pushes the median price of these properties up making it both more difficult to enter this market for investment and an attractive proposition at the same time.


What this means is that small and first time investors are left with the option of studio and one bedroom style accommodation because the cost of two and three bedroom apartments is heading over the million dollar mark in some instances.


Professional couples, small families, and students are all vying for rentals in these areas and are pushed beyond their means just to secure somewhere that is liveable – compromise is expected.  Renters are also starting to create ‘portfolios’ to highlight their suitability as a renter – testimonials from previous landlords and photographic evidence of prior accommodation.


By understanding what the long term renter market is looking for you are able to focus your investment strategy on a particular demographic and select properties that suit their needs.


Studio and one-bedroom apartments typically attract younger student and couples who are not necessarily held in one place by a career. They are apt to move at short notice and are not interested in stability. Even two bedroom apartments can attract more transient renters. Renovating and keeping the rent at the top end for that market can help stabilise the tenants although this is not always true.


A well-appointed three-bedroom apartment can accommodate a small family or a professional couple with the third bedroom viewed as office space – as working from home becomes common.  This demographic is looking for long-term accommodation and stability. In the right area and in a well maintained building both the rental price and the potential capital gains can make a very good investment


With the ongoing development of high-density living areas on the fringe of the city showing no signs of abating, the availability of new, well appointed 1, 2 and 3 bedroom apartments is continuing and the inherent lifestyle design being incorporated into these areas is making them very attractive to both first home buyers and investors.


If you are considering buying your first investment property or adding to an existing portfolio, speak to a buyers agent to find out which areas suit your investment strategy and what people are looking for in those areas so you can maximise your investment dollar and not get stuck in an apartment that is the wrong size for your needs.

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