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Amanda Bidder (Segers)

sydney property buyers agent AMANDA-BIDDER-SEGERS

Mobile: 0417 000 001

Amanda purchased her first investment property in 1989 and has worked in the Sydney real estate industry since 2001. Amanda grew up around country real estate, with her father being a selling agent and auctioneer.

She had the concept of how easy it is to build wealth through real estate from an early age. As an expat in 1996 she had a difficult time purchasing property in Sydney without a buyers agent, realizing then that there was nobody protecting buyers.

She worked for McGrath Estate Agents selling real estate in the inner west, lower and upper north shore for several years, and has worked as a buyers’ agent since 2008, leveraging her know how and industry contacts for her clients.

Amanda works with a small research team, leaving no stone unturned. Amanda has a “clients for life” philosophy and will stop at nothing to match her clients to their perfect home. Amanda turns what can be a stressful situation into one that you will actually enjoy.

Kate Fraser

Kate has been drawn to property all her life, intrigued not only by the light, the proportions and the locality, but also the awareness that where you live can change your world. 

She bought her first, tiny, apartment in Darlinghurst when just out of her teens, and ever since has been the go-to person helping family and friends find the best place they can afford. 

Having lived, bought and sold many times over in Sydney’s East, Inner West and Inner City, Kate decided to follow her passion full time and became a licensed buyers’ agent, and she now specialises in these areas. 

Kate-Fraser sydney buyers agent

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What we do for you

Buyer’s agents are solely an agent for property buyers. They facilitate the purchase of a home or investment property. A buyer’s agent never represents the property seller (vendor), nor do they earn a commission from the vendor or from a real estate agent. Buyer’s agents are licensed professionals whose job is to act in the best interest of you, the property buyer. They are experts in every aspect of finding, negotiating and purchasing a property.

Buying a home can be a stressful and emotional experience for most buyers. Amanda On My Side takes the hassle, stress and uncertainty away, and leaves you with the right result – a new home at the best price.

Amanda On My Side are experts in home purchases. A home is more than a house. It is somewhere you will start or raise your family and it becomes an intimate space away from the busy world. Amanda and her team understand this better than anyone – they have been finding homes for people since the early 2000’s and have the inside knowledge and understanding of their areas that comes from negotiating and buying properties for decades.

Because we specialise in five areas – Sydney CBD, the Eastern Suburbs, the Inner West, the Upper North Shore the Lower North Shore and the Northern Beaches, we have great relationships with local real estate agents, and we’ve bought houses in every suburb, sometimes several times over! 

Amanda On My Side knows why some streets offer better value than others (micro-markets) and what the real value of a property is. So whether you are on the ground searching for your new home or overseas and planning to return, Amanda On My Side will help you get into the right home at the right price.

Our packages:

Typically our turnaround is between 40 and 65 days from engagement.

Additional Assistance

As part of buying a property, there are several services you may need to engage. We can provide you with referrals to our network of professional people and companies that we have done business with before and who deliver excellent service.

Some professionals you may need include:

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