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Amanda Bidder-Segers

Amanda purchased her first investment property in 1989 and has worked in the Sydney real estate industry since 2001. Amanda grew up around country real estate, with her father being a selling agent and auctioneer.

She had the concept of how easy it is to build wealth through real estate from an early age. As an expat in 1996 she had a difficult time purchasing property in Sydney without a buyers agent, realizing then that there was nobody protecting buyers.

She worked for McGrath Estate Agents selling real estate in the inner west, lower and upper north shore for several years, and has worked as a buyers’ agent since 2008, leveraging her know how and industry contacts for her clients.

Amanda has a “clients for life” philosophy and will stop at nothing to match her clients to their perfect home. Amanda turns what can be a stressful situation into one that you will actually enjoy.

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Sarah Wells

Sarah Wells in an independent adviser from Sarah Wells Tailored Banking & Finance Solutions. She has been assisting clients with their financing needs for over 15 years. With her strong networks in the banking and finance industry she is well equipped to help you secure the best solution for your particular situation.

Sarah understands that time is your most precious resource and endeavours to ensure that each and every interaction with her and her team is conducted efficiently. You will receive the benefit of working with a finance specialist and a team who truly understand your financing needs and are able to achieve the best outcome for you each and every time.

Sarah is experienced in working with all types of borrowers and has extensive experience in sourcing financing packages for executives, professional investors, medical professional along with accounting and legal professionals.

Call her and her team today to discuss your situation, with no obligation or commitment, we will take the time to understand you and your needs. All information exchanged is handled with the utmost discretion.

Sarah works with clients nationally and internationally and has offices all over Australia and works regularly in Sydney, Melbourne and Perth.

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Our packages:

  • The Complete Home Buyer’s Package
  • DIY Buyer’s Package
  • Auction Bid Package

Typically our turnaround is between 40 and 65 days from engagement.

Additional Assistance

As part of buying a property, there are several services you may need to engage. We can provide you with referrals to our network of professional people and companies that we have done business with before and who deliver excellent service.

Some professionals you may need include:

Solicitors Property managers Architects
Mortgage / finance brokers Depreciation schedules Interior designers
Building inspectors Selling agents Builders
Pest inspectors Landlord insurance Tax accountants
Strata searches/ managers Financial Planners Removalists


Why should I use a Buyers Agent when I could do it all myself?

Buyer’s Agents

  • Prevent you from making ‘in the heat of the moment’ decisions you might regret later
  • Save you from the stress of such a huge task by doing all the research and leg-work for you
  • Save you money by knowing what the real value of a property is and how to ask of the right price
  • Save you time with their deep local knowledge and industry relationships to get to the right houses faster
  • Save you from parties who don’ t have your best interests at heart
  • Save you from missing out on the silent listings and pre-sale opportunities – bypassing the real estate battle field altogether

Amanda On My Side knows how to save you from all these pitfalls.

What is the difference between a Buyers Agent and a selling agent?

The key difference between a Buyers Agent and a traditional selling agent is who each represents. As a Buyers Agent, Amanda On My Side works exclusively for you the buyer, whereas the selling agent works for the vendor or seller. By law, an agent cannot act for (and accept a commission) from both parties in the transaction.

Your buyer’s agent should be:

  • Industry accredited (REBAA and Real Estate Institute)
  • Licensed (you can check Amanda On My Sides license here http://www.fairtrading.nsw.gov.au/ftw/About_us/Online_services/Property_services_licence_check.page?
  • Independent (they cannot accept commissions from vendors or developers)

Amanda On My Side is accredited, licensed and independent.

Do you find properties for home buyers (who live in the homes) as well as for investors?

Yes. Amanda specialises in purchasing homes for all kinds of buyers:

  • Locals seeking a family home, who don’t want to spend weekend after weekend searching for a home
  • Expats planning to return to Sydney, but can’t do an adequate search from nine time zones away
  • Interstate/country people seeking a property, but who know nothing about the local market

First home buyers, because buying a home should never be ‘on the job training’ — a Buyers’ Agent like Amanda can walk you through the process and protecting you every step of the way.

Isn’t using a Buyers Agent expensive?

A Buyer’s Agent like Amanda On My Side typically saves clients far more than our fee in the transaction by negotiating well and securing the property at a price far lower than the buyer could likely have managed.

We assist property buyers of all budgets, saving them money by doing extensive research and analysis, looking at comparable sales and market data, and by negotiating hard to secure the best price, terms and conditions possible.

With Amanda On My Side, you will make an informed choice, and will be confident that you have bought well, whatever your budget. Engaging us is a small investment to make when you consider the time, stress and money your will save on your property purchase!

Are buyers agents fees tax deductible?

If you are purchasing a property for investment purposes, the cost of using a Buyers’ Agent is generally tax deductible, as it forms part of the acquisition or “cost base.” Please check with your accountant to see if the fee would be tax deductible in your case. Unfortunately, you cannot claim the fee as a tax deduction if the property is purchased to live in.

Is there a limit to the number of properties you will present to me before I make a purchasing decision?

No. However, Amanda will qualify every property against your criteria before we present the property to you. In this way, we save you valuable time in the property search. Our Buyers Agency agreement has an initial period of six months, which can be extended. We fully expect to deliver a great result for you well within this time frame.

Do you ever represent the property seller?

Never. Ever. We work exclusively for your best interest to find a property that meets your needs. We have no vested interest to sell property.

How can I know that I am not paying too much for a property?

This is one of the most important reasons to engage Amanda On My Side. We conduct extensive due diligence for our clients on recent sales and have access to a comprehensive database of past sales. We inspect each property and discuss the positives and negatives of each shortlisted property. Using this information, together with our own expert opinion on the state of the market, provides you with the assurance you are not overpaying. In fact, our clients usually find they are buying at a price significantly below market and comparable values.

What happens if I change my mind?

We realise that your ideas about the type of property you want may change. That’s why, when we meet initially to discuss your “buyers brief,” we will work hard to ensure that your wish-list is achievable and also realistic, so the likelihood of your changing your mind is reduced.

However, if you change the initial brief significantly, there may be a review of the fee, and an additional fee would be charged to cover the time already spent searching. So the bottom line is that we will work with you to make sure you are completely happy with your next property purchase, even if you change your mind.

What happens if I find or buy a property myself after I have engaged you?

Our open communications policy with our clients is a two-way street. When you work with us, you agree to communicate openly and honestly with us at all times. We recognize that it is only natural for many people to still keep an eye on the property market, even while we are looking for you. If you do happen to identify a property that we haven’t seen, then let us know as soon as possible so we can provide a full appraisal. Once Amanda On My Side is engaged as your Buyer’s Agent, full fees are payable, even if you find a property or negotiate for it on your own.

I live and work overseas. Can you still represent me?

Amanda was an expat herself, so has a deeper understanding and appreciation of the needs of expats and overseas buyers. Once the “buyers brief” is established and you have provided evidence of finance approval, we act in your interest as per our process. The only difference is that you may not get the chance to physically inspect the property, although this is encouraged. In that case, we can provide you with extensive market analysis as well as digital photo and virtual tours of the property and its location. All features of the property, both good and bad, will be communicated so you can make a fully informed decision. Because we regularly purchase properties for overseas clients that do not inspect the property prior to purchase, we take extra care to make sure all inspections are completed thoroughly.

Why would a real estate agent favour a buyers agent over a regular buyer?

You! Real estate agents are aware that Amanda has ensured you are in the right position to buy. Amanda has inspected the property, done her due diligence and an offer from Amanda is informed and dependable. They are also aware that Amanda is good repeat business, and reliable within the industry. So, not only Amanda’s contacts will get you into more doors, but her level headed win-win approach will put you in front of regular buyers at crunch time.

Do you have professional indemnity insurance?

Yes, we have professional indemnity insurance to $2 million.

Are you a member of a professional industry association?

Yes, we are. Amanda On My Side is a member in good standing of the NSW Real Estate Institute, as well as full member of the national Real Estate Buyers Agents Association of Australia (REBAA). This association aims to raise the profile of the industry and to establish guidelines for the professional conduct of Buyers’ Agents.

  • "Amanda’s dedication to finding the right property for me was truly impressive."
    MarkSurry Hills
  • "Amanda is a vital member of a purchaser’s team, and I wouldn’t dream of going back to buying alone".
  • "For years, we looked without finding a house which would 'make our hearts sing'. Then we met Amanda."
    Livingston & MiyakoRozelle
  • "Amanda found our dream house within a couple of weeks! We couldn’t believe it as we had been looking ourselves for 18 months."
    Rebecca & JamesRoseville
  • "The last box has been unpacked and we are still pinching ourselves that we own this lovely home."
    Steven & LuisaNaremburn
  • "We’d have been lost without Amanda on our side."
    Andrew & BenGlebe
  • "Amanda has a passion for what she does and it was such a comfort to know that she was on our side."
    Semih & CarolynLewisham
  • "Amanda exceeded our expectations. She leveraged relationships with agents in the area and utilised her sound knowledge of the local market to find us a property that maximised value for money."
    Tristan & AnnetteAnnandale