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property at the right price

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I’m looking for help to buy our next home. I’m sick of missing out on houses I’ve fallen in love with.

I need someone:

Who knows what to do to get the house I want
With inside information so I don’t keep missing out
To do the leg-work, because I don’t have time

I need someone who’s on my side and can get me to my new home.


I’m looking for help to buy a great investment property

I need someone:

Who can take care of the whole process Who understands property investment strategy Who can find a property that fits with my goals

I need someone on my side who can help me find the right investment for me.

Overseas buyers

I’m moving to Sydney, I want a seamless transition.

I need someone:

Who makes me feel connected to Sydney
Who can take all the details away from me
Who knows the market and has years of local knowledge

I need someone on my side who can find me the right house in the right area.

Amanda Bidder (Segers)

With decades of experience in three specific areas of Sydney, The Inner West, the Upper and Lower North Shore and the Northern Beaches, Amanda On My Side has the in-depth knowledge and expert instinct that makes us the most successful buyer’s agents in these areas.

Amanda On My Side offers exceptional buyers agent services throughout Sydney. Engage a professional real estate buyers agent to help you find the best property at the right price. A property buyers agent, also known as property finders or a buyers advocate, can help find, research and bid on your next home or investment property. Need a buyers Agent in Sydney – then you need Amanda on your side.


A Buyers Agent is a licensed professional who represents only you the buyer, and not the seller.
  • Find the perfect property for you
  • Handle the appraisal
  • Negotiate the best price
  • Do it all quickly, often in just a few weeks
  • Save you time, effort and potentially thousands of dollars
And no one works harder than Amanda On My Side to make your home buying process a totally stress-free and completely successful one.


When you have Amanda On My Side as your Buyers Agent, all of their many years of experience in real estate, negotiating hundreds of properties, are put to work for you:
  • Get the inside knowledge. Contact Amanda to uncover hot spots and silent listings.
  • Her vast market knowledge puts you at an instant and distinct advantage.
  • Amanda owns the company and represents you personally.
  • Amanda has been in the Sydney real estate industry since 2001.
  • Amanda has negotiated hundreds of residential properties spanning every area of Sydney.
  • Amanda has extensive real estate contacts throughout Sydney.
And this is why having Amanda On My Side as your Buyers Agent will make the entire home buying process stress free, enjoyable and so rewarding for you.


Then you need Amanda On My Side.

  • Where should we look?
  • Is this a fair price?
  • What amount should I offer?
  • How do I negotiate with the seller’s experienced agent?
  • Did we pay too much?
  • How do I bid successfully at auction?

Amanda will find just the right home for you to consider, she will handle the appraisal, negotiate on your behalf and will probably save you thousands of dollars in the process, savings which likely will far exceed her Buyers Agent fee.

Put one of Sydney’s leading Buyers Agents to work for you. Please contact Amanda On My Side today.

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